Empowering leaders, developing teams



Designing and delivering training for a charity

A charity offering NPQ courses for school leaders did not have the capacity to design and deliver HR training courses in-house, so they came to me for help.


Through detailed meetings with the client, I came to understand situations school leaders might find themselves in. From this, I created a bespoke HR skills module, as well as other training resources to help leaders develop their softer skills and resolve staff issues.

Developing the effectiveness of a finance team

A senior finance manager had noticed that the individuals in his team were not performing effectively as a group. While his overall leadership skills were strong, he had no direct experience of bringing people together. He approached me to deliver a solution to this problem.

After discussing his team and the areas of development with him, I decided that the Myers Briggs Type Indicator would be the best tool to use. The MBTI highlights different personality types, enabling different team members to understand themselves better and appreciate and work with differences in others.

It was a journey of self-discovery for everyone! Each team member completed the questionnaire and received a one-to-one feedback session so they could fully understand their own preferences. I then ran a team session to help them explore the team members’ individual preferences and differences by using a number of interactive and fun exercises. The result of the session was that they understood themselves and each other better and were able to work more effectively together.


Designing and delivering training modules on data protection – and making a dry subject interesting and engaging

During a project with a FTSE 100 on making HR processes GDPR compliant, I was asked to train employees in data protection to bring them up to date with legislation. This was a complex task for two reasons. Firstly, the employees had a variety of roles within the company – I had to train teams from administrative staff to global leadership teams. Secondly, data protection can be a somewhat dry topic, and I had to find a way to make it engaging for delegates.

The solution I came up with was to ensure that the four-hour training session wasn’t just a dreary presentation. Instead, I worked with a data protection lawyer to create a variety of tools such as quizzes, group discussions, and real life examples, interspersed with delivering the technical information.

To support the training, I also designed and delivered an interactive one-hour webinar, making use of polling tools to deliver a quiz and other discussions.

I received great feedback, with over 90% of delegates saying that the session and webinar were “a good use of their time.” They appreciated the fact that I made the training pertinent to their role, keeping the session focused and relevant.

Designing and delivering a session on Difficult Conversations for a wide-ranging audience

My client was running a conference, and as part of it, wanted to provide delegates with the opportunity to develop their skills and become more effective in their roles. As the delegates were global and ranged from junior staff to senior directors, I suggested designing and delivering a session to enable delegates to be able to have difficult conversations more effectively.


The session was a mix of information-giving and exercises, culminating in the opportunity for each delegate to practice having a difficult conversation in a small group, and receiving feedback from another delegate.


The session was very well-received – nearly everyone who attended told me that they were more confident about having the conversations they had been avoiding.