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I’ve noticed that the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be making people really think about the jobs they are in and whether they are doing something they really love, or just plodding along in a “same old, same old” fashion.


Other people are in the unfortunate situation of bring made redundant and wondering what to do next.


When you think about your career, do you just see a fog?


Here are some things you may be thinking:

  • I love my job, and want to progress further
  • I love my job but not the company I work for
  • I love the company I work for but not my job
  • I’m not sure that I love my job anymore, or the company I work for
  • There’s something else I’d really like to be doing
  • I’d like to work for myself
  • Something is missing from my career but I’m not sure what it is
  • I don’t have a job right now, so what’s next?


If you are thinking any of these things, I’ve got good news for you…..


I’m currently offering a limited number of complimentary one hour career check-up sessions, held via Zoom, which can help you understand your current level of satisfaction in your job and whether you would like to make any changes, in the short term or maybe as a long term goal. For example, same job but new company, same company but different job, different career completely, or maybe just a recognition of the aspects of work that you are less satisfied with and some options to increase your level of satisfaction without changing jobs.


You might be thinking that this is really not the right time to be thinking about all this, but I’d suggest that actually it is. There’s never a wrong time to start thinking about it!


If you are curious enough to find out more about my complimentary career check-up, please get in touch